Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dublin Docklands - "Chimney Park" For Children

Docklands Chimney Park, a much needed children's playground area and community amenity.

Throughout 2007, 2008 and 2009 a series of extensive consultation meetings and workshops were held with all stakeholders, interested parties and the appointed design team to research and address the hopes, ideas and concerns of all, regarding the Chimney Park space.
The innovative ideas generated during the consultation process were eventually integrated into the park with creative features such a mirror wall; a wobbly play platform; a water play feature; palm trees and a blue lounging wall.
Children from City Quay National School also created a special poem 'Talking Chimney' that has been engraved into the seats throughout the park.
"Chimney Park is intended to provide for the amenity and play requirements of all children and families living in the area and also to serve the working and visiting population. The final design has transformed the site into an oasis for children, office workers, teenagers and local residents, for both energetic play and recreation".

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