Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dublin Marathon 2008

The Adidas Dublin Marathon is run every year in late October. Since the first race in 1980 the number of runners has increased steadily with 10,000 expected participants in the next race on Monday October 26, 2009. In the 2008 Dublin Marathon almost 9,000 runners crossed the finish line. More than half of the participants are usually overseas runners combining the run with pint consuming and exploring the Irish capital. The Adidas Dublin Marathon is also known as the ‘Friendly Marathon’ due to the many spectators aligning along the streets to support the exhausted marathoners with enthusiastic cheers – reveal your name on your shirt and you might get personal encouragement as well.
The course of the Adidas Dublin Marathon is a classic city loop with start and finish lines in the city centre near the famous Trinity College. The course is fairly flat but with a couple of climbs of about 50 m altitude. Along the way runners will – that is, if they have any energy left – appreciate the historic atmosphere of Georgian Dublin and the green oases of several parks and squares which are part of the course. The race finishes at Merrion Square where a couple of Ireland’s most celebrated writers, Oscar Wilde and W.B. Yeats, have resided.

The Dublin Marathon - 2008 by you.The Dublin Marathon - 2008 by you.The Dublin Marathon - 2008 by you.
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